Svetlana, 48 y.o., United States, Houston
Main info
First name: Svetlana
Age: 48
Location: United States, Houston
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Weight: 61kg
Height: 168cm
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour: Dark Blonde
Body type: Slender
Smoking Frequency: Never
Drinking Frequency: Occasionally(Socially)
Sleeping habits: Does not matter
Do you have children?:
24 y.o. girl, not living at home
English 5 (Fluent)
Marital status: Married
Want children: No
Your priorities in life:
Family, long-term relationship
Balance of mind
Stability, safety
Your income: Constant average income
In my property: A house/ a cottage, A car
Where do you live?: Separate flat/apartment
Education: Graduate degree
Job title: Social worker
What religion do you practice?: Christian
Age: -
Is it okay if they have children?: Yes

Responses to some questions

How would you describe yourself?
Well educated, open-minded, with liberal views, sometimes sarcastic, but compassionate, and empathetic. I am hard-working and sensible. I am spiritual, but not religious, and prefer a scientific and evidence-based approach to everything. I have principles, am devoted and loyal to those I love. I am easy-going, can be social, but with age have grown an introvert and prefer to spend as much time in solitude as possible.
How would you describe your ideal partner?
I have found him. It's my husband! He is, basically, a male version of me, just much taller and stronger  
We met on a dating site; had been in a long-distance relationship for over two years; married in 2017 and have been happily living together ever since.
If you knew the world was going to end in 30 days, what would you do?
I would be telling my loved ones how much I love them even more often.
If you had 10 million dollars to spare, what would you do with it?
The same thing that I am doing now: living my normal life, taking care of my family, being a good citizen.
How often, and from whom do you ask advice?
Every now and then with my husband and daughter; or with my colleagues regarding work-related issues.
What quality do you value most in the people of your gender?
Intelligence, decency, open-mindedness, honesty, work ethics.
What quality do you value most in the opposite sex?
Intelligence, decency, open-mindedness, honesty, work ethics.
What is a recent prominent event in your life, and how has it affected you?
We bought a house.
What is the best advice that you give to your children?
Be self-sufficient. Continue your education throughout your life and keep your skills up-to-date. Learn how to manage your emotions, do not let them govern you. Take care of your health, both physical and mental. Do not worry too much, let go of what you can't control. Life is short, enjoy even the small things.
What has produced the biggest impression (shock) on you?
The collapse of my first marriage.
The last books that you read?
The Remains of The Day by Kazuo Ishiguro
What are your goals now?
To save enough money to retire early, while we are still relatively fit, and start traveling extensively. Eventually, to settle somewhere in a nice place with a good climate, friendly people, and reasonably affordable developed infrastructure.
Whom do you admire?
Nobody. But there are many good people out there that I have tremendous respect for.
Do you have a lot of friends?
Just a few, but they are reliable ones.
What qualities do you dislike most in those of your gender?
Ignorance, shallowness, vanity, laziness, spite.
What qualities do you dislike most in the people of the opposite sex?
Ignorance, selfishness, laziness, spite.
What would you like to change in yourself?
Not much, to shed a few pounds of fat, perhaps, and gain more muscles, lol. To be more patient.
What are your weaknesses?
Ask my husband. He knows about them more than anybody else!
What are your strengths ?
Ask my husband.
How do friends view you?
Ask them.
How do acquaintances view you?
Frankly saying, I don't care.
What are your favourite games?
Don't play games.
Who are your favourite writers and poets?
Too many to list.
What kinds of music do you like?
I am a sucker for good quality music of all genres.
What is your favourite food?
I am very modest - vegetables, eggs, chicken, several types of fish. Not a big fan of red meat, grains, breads anymore. Have a sweet tooth but must limit myself to fruits and berries now. I love me some good coffee though!
What are your favourite films?
I don't have favorite movies.
What is your favourite fairy-tale?
What is your favourite activity or hobby?
Reading and reflecting.
What is your dream job?
I have a good job.
Tell us about your dream partner.
My husband.
Where do you want to live?
I don't know yet. See above - somewhere with a good climate, friendly people, good infrastructure; reasonably affordable and politically stable.
Ideally I would like to live in a
house in the suburbs
Keep my space
It's not perfect but close
Describe myself at a party as a
Life of the party
When it comes to money
I am generous to a fault
When it comes to TV
Prefer the news
Do I enjoy dining out?
Just OK
How often do I like to go out?
Hardly ever/Never
Do I enjoy cooking?
I like cooking
Do I enjoy other types of Shopping?
OK - but never enough time
Do I enjoy grocery shopping?
I get by
Do I enjoy gardening?
Don't mind helping
Preference for pets
Don't have but like Cats
What type of television programs do I enjoy watching most?
Documentary, Soaps
I enjoy spending free time
Among friends, Catching up on household chores, Visiting a museum or gallery, Doing absolutely nothing, With family
Forms of entertainment that I enjoy
Wine tasting, TV Educational/news, Reading, Classical music, Museum/arts, Concerts
Other hobbies or interests
Travelling, social cause/activism, philosophy/spiritual, news/politics/events, investing